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Protective Gates

We specialize in wrought iron protective gates for indoor use, in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We create custom iron protective gates and ornamental indoor gates. These gates are especially helpful if you want to block little children from the stairway or block off pets from entering specific parts of the home. They are also extremely elegant when used to separate a specific portion of the home or a designated room from unwanted traction. We also design and install protective gates inside of office buildings, as they are used for separating offices and hallways.

If you have a request for new custom protective indoor gates, we can design it. We will install your new custom design to meet your exact specifications. One of our iron specialists can come to your home, office or place of business at no cost to provide you with a free estimate. Once we have an idea of exactly what you would like, we will design it, mold it and install it at a competitive and reasonable price. We don’t leave the job until you are 100% satisfied.

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